Treasure hunt and aqua sphering

Treasure hunt and aqua sphering

Challenge your group to follow the clues, answer the questions, get the bonus tasks and win the prize all while seeing the best spots of the town you are visiting. Our treasure hunts are all designed for your group. They start from 1 hour long and can be designed to suit ideas you may have or places you may like to visit.

We brief you on what you have to do, give you some background information on the area, tell you your first clue.
Then send you out into the big bad world to see who can find their way successfully around the course.
Our Treasure hunts are a great way to get to see the local town you are visiting and as daring as you want to be depending on what tasks you choose to complete

Equipment we provide

Aqua spheres, Clues for treasure hunt, pen and answer sheet

Where does it happen

This activity can be set up at any suitable location

Group size

There is a minimum group size for this of 10 people and a maximum of 24.

How long

Overall you will need 2.5 hours

Other information

  • Our Activity start times are usually 10am and 2pm however these can be altered to suit your requirements.
  • It is recommend to have at least one mobile phone per group when on the treasure hunt.
  • With all adventure activities we recommend that you dress appropriately for your day in the outdoors.
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