Land Zorbing & Archery Tag Combo

Land Zorbing and Archery tag combo

Picture running around inside a 3 metre inflatable ball! Our zorbs provide for some unique fun, you can walk, roll, jump and dance inside our zorbs. Challenge your group in a zorb relay race or just enjoy the unique experience of land zorbing.
Once worn out from zorbing take the time to learn how to fire a bow correctly and accurately before going head to head in Irelands newest from of combat, archery tag. See who is the sharpshooter among your group with many of our fun and exciting games like last man standing, no where to hide and open season.

Equipment we provide

Bows, Arrows, Arm gaurds, Face gaurds, targets, bunkers, Land zorbs, perimeter fencing

Where does it happen

This activity can be set up at any suitable location

Group size

There is a minimum group size of 10 people and a maximum of 24.

How long

Overall you will need 2.5 hours

Other information

  • Our Activity start times are usually 10am and 2pm however these can be altered to suit your requirements.
  • With all adventure activities we recommend that you dress appropriately for your day in the outdoors.
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